NWSOFA Indivisible July 2020 Progressive Newsletter

Since we can’t pass the hat in a video meeting:
Even though we’re socially isolated, we at NWSOFA continue to work hard to build grassroots people power. It’s real power and it comes from you.
With your help, we connect and organize,
  • organize to protect our democracy,
  • organize to defeat Trump’s agenda, and
  • organize to create a safer, healthier future for everyone.
As you know, that takes a lot of energy from all our volunteers — yes,, we’re all unpaid volunteers–but, it also takes some money.
We can stretch a dollar as far as anyone, so you can rest assured that we are making every effort to have donated money count (get it? Money Count……Ha ha!). Ahem… So you know from the get-go that your donated money is being wisely spent but for a limited time you can also make sure that it will go twice as far!
Indivisible National is matching all donations that we receive before Sept 20, One for One.
Now is a good time to invest in winning back America. Please volunteer to help organize and work with us, and – if you can – please donate a small amount to help cover our day-to-day expenses.
Our goal is to raise $350 before September 20th and remember: Indivisible National will match every dollar you give up to that $350 total.
What will donations be used for in the near future?
  • Constant Contact, our email platform
  • support for our databases,
  • postcards and postage for voters here and in WI, MI, and FL. (Watch for details on our “Votecard Triathlon”!)
  • and more……..
With your donations we’re reaching more people than ever!
In this new world we are learning how to use new tools everyday. In fact all our issue teams’ events are now virtual on WebEx and ZOOM.
One of the good things about being on line is that we can significantly increase our reach. For example our Climate Change team recently had a great speaker with 20 initial viewers — a typical attendance. But this particular presentation was shared on Face Book Live and amazingly it has had over 1900 join in or watch the recording! Now THAT”S some reach!
Every donation is greatly appreciated so chip in what you can, Thank You!
For more info Contact:
Sara Salvato Horan
  • AUG ALL MONTH LONG – Post Cards to Swing States – Get yours and get them ready to send for GOTV
  • AUG 25 – NWSOFA Indivisible Climate Change Speaker Event: Zhenya Polozova, Regional Organizer of Food & Water Watch/Food & Water Action 7 – 9 PM
  • AUG 27 – NWSOFA Indivisible Fiscal and Economic Issue Team Meeting 7 – 9 PM
  • AUG 30 – NWSOFA Indivisible VoteCard Triathlon 12:00 – 12:45 PM
D20 Democratic National Convention
This August, the Democratic Party formally nominated the next president and vice president of the United States at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.
The convention has an shown the American people what we stand for as a party and united us around our shared values. In addition to fulfilling their nominating duties, Democratic Party members from across the country also worked together during the convention to adopt the official 2020 Democratic Party platform.
It has never been so important to ensure that ALL VOTERS VOTE!
Visit your city or county’s website for more information:
“Coffee & Conversation” with NWSOFA every weekday @ 9 AM in JULY
Start your mornings off with Coffee and Conversations with the Northwest Suburbs Organizing for Action – An Indivisible Chapter. Join us, bring your favorite coffee, tea and /or snack and your smile. There will be no agenda so we will use the time to reconnect. Open Mic – all are welcome!
JUST FOR FUN, join us every Friday at 5:00 PM for our weekly “Friday Happy Hour”. Join us, bring your favorite beverage and your smile. There will be no agenda so we will use the time to reconnect and refresh.
NWSOFA Inivisible Climate Change Speaker Event:
Zhenya Polozova,
Regional Organizer of Food & Water Watch/Food & Water Action
August 25 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Zhenya Polozova, Regional Organizer of Food & Water Watch/Food & Water Action will give a presentation on their organizations position on climate change and related environmental and political issues.
NWSOFA Indivisible Fiscal Monthly Virtual Meeting
August 27 @ 7 – 9 PM
Thank you to State Senator Ann Gillespie and State Representative Mark Walker for sharing your expertise on Illinois State finances last month.
In August we will be focusing on federal issues.
The U.S. went into in a deep recession in February. We lost over 22 million jobs in March and April. Real GDP declined over 10% in the first half of 2020. Our current fiscal year (FY) 2020 deficit is forecast to be more than twice our previous record deficit. Our inability to control Covid-19, the novel coronavirus, is causing these bleak results.
In March Congress passed and President Trump signed multiple relief bills, which included extra unemployment benefits through July in the CARES Act, checks to individuals, and loans to businesses.. Jobs have started to recover, but we still have a long way to go.
The House passed a follow on HEROES Act in May, but it was ignored in the Senate for over two months. In late July Senate Republicans started debating their own legislation. Since late July there have been negotiations on what to do next, but nothing has passed Congress. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has prepared a pretty good comparison of the HEROES Act and a proposal that was made in the Republican Senate. You can watch it at http://www.crfb.org/events/where-does-next-phase-covid-relief-stand.
President Trump issued some Executive Orders over the weekend of August 8-9, but people are still trying to figure out the legality of those orders and what they mean in terms of policy on the ground. Negotiations continue. Hopefully there will be an agreement between Congress and the White House before our meeting on the 27th. We will let you know.
Come join us virtually and share your thoughts.
PS – Videos of our prior meetings are posted at https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nwsofa
A draft of our PowerPoint presentation for August can be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fmr-BXSZ2LI22LbWjM5EEznVDvpcJBq4/view?usp=sharing
NWSOFA Indivisible VoteCard Triathlon
August 30 12:00pm – 12:45pm
Join our VoteCard Triathlon
VoteCards are postcards that our organizations are hand writing to voters in swing states to get out the vote. VoteCard Triathlon is our virtual party, celebration and inspiration to write your postcards, brag about your accomplishments, and celebrate our efforts. Postcard writing, games, music, stories, guest speakers and more. Prepare a snack, grab your new year’s eve noisemakers and join in the fun.
To get out the largest vote in our history. The most crucial election in recent history is November 3rd. Our country, our democracy, and our lives are at stake. Everyone must vote to ensure that we take back the Whitehouse. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the leaders who can and will save our democracy. Let’s get them elected. It takes us all to accomplish this huge task and we need you!
Together with Indivisible groups across the area, we are writing thousands of postcards to swing states.
August 30th at 12:00pm – 12:45pm
We will be together for 45 minutes, so log on for a few minutes or the entire super fun event.
Webex link to join https://nwsofaindivisible.my.webex.com/meet/ofa.nws
If you want some postcards to write, send a message to the organizer and we will get some to you.
  • We look forward to seeing you at the virtual VOTECARD TRIATHLON.
THE CENSUS CONTINUES! Fill out your 2020 Questionair:
  • The count has been delayed but we can catch up.
  • It’s quick, safe, secure, and confidential.
  • Help us collect the federal funds our schools, roads, and public need & Save our Congressional seats.
Revisit and Review past meeting videos of NWSOFA programs on our youtube.com Channel
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NWSOFA’s “on-line” Flipboard Magazines are available on a number of topics: social justice, bigotry, gun violence prevention, climate change, healthcare, immigration, gerrymandering, fiscal & economics, social justice reform, stand with women and more.
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  • JULY 9 – Hoffman Estates hosts a Virtual Town Hall meeting 6 PM
  • JULY 9 – League of Women Voters Program Anger to Action 7 PM
  • JULY 9 – NWSOFA Indivisible Restore Our Democracy Team presentation: Money in Politics to the Rotary Club of Chicago O’Hare
  • July 16 – NWSOFA Indivisible Restore Our Democracy Team presentation: Vote by Mail to the Barrington Area Council on Aging (BACOA)
  • JULY 16 – NWSOFA Indivisible Gun Violence prevention Issues Team Planning Meeting 7:00 PM
  • JULY 20 – NWSOFA Indivisible Fiscal Monthly Virtual Meeting 7:00 PM
  • JULY 28 – NWSOFA Indivisible Climate Change Speaker Event: Kelly McGinnis, Executive Director of the Mississippi River Network 7 – 9 PM
  • July 30 – NWSOFA Indivisible ROD presentation Vote by Mail presentation to the League of Women Voters of the Palatine Area
  • AUG 17 – 20 D20 Democratic National Convention
  • AUG 20 – NWSOFA Indivisible Restore Our Democract Voter Education Training AUG 20 – 7:00 PM
  • AUG 20 – NWSOFA Indivisible Gun Violence prevention Issues Team Planning Meeting 7:00 PM
Notice: These are public meeting(s) / event(s)
NWSOFA is a 501(c)4,  non-partisan organization.
All opinions are solely those of NWSOFA