Joint NWSOFA Chapter Meeting & The Coalition to Restore Democracy (MTA) Present “Movie Night” Thursday March 5th 7pm-8pm “Pay 2 Play”


Joint NWSOFA Chapter Meeting & The Coalition to Restore Democracy  (MTA)
Present “Movie Night”
Thursday March 5th 7pm-8pm
“Pay 2 Play”
Schaumburg Library
130 S Roselle Rd, Schaumburg
Schaumburg, IL
 March 5th, Thursday Night
2nd Floor, Rasmussen Room 7-9:00 PM
Like the recent documentary “Citizen Koch,”
Pay 2 Play” aims to stir up outrage over 
influence peddling.


Although billionaire industrialists David and Charles Koch aren’t mentioned until midway through this film, they and their ilk – wealthy conservatives who push their agendas by pouring cash into the coffers of like- minded politicians – are clearly the villains here.


But director John Ennis is interested in doing more than getting people riled up. “How do we get past the pay-to-play system?”

The answer to Ennis’s question, which he provides himself, is not just to get mad, but to get active. He advocates doing whatever one can to protest the status quo, whether it’s as an individual street artist or blogger or as part of a larger collective such as the Occupy movement. Ennis is an optimist at heart, and his belief that one person can make a difference is infectious, if naive.

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