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Keith Moens
Keith Moens


Mission Statement:

To Defend the Affordable Care Act from repeal by taking actions in defense of the act as well as by providing facts as to the value of the act to ALL Americans.


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    Governor Rauner Vetoes Legislation to Safeguard Key Healthcare Protections

    This week, Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed two key pieces of legislation designed to safeguard the protections of the Affordable Care Act: HB 2624, which would have put limits on short term health insurance plans, which provide weaker protections under the false guise of more affordable coverage; and HB 4165 which would have required a resolution from the General Assembly for Illinois to use a federal waiver to reduce healthcare access.

    See Protect Our Care Illinois’ statement and action stepsStay tuned for more news as we try to secure overrides to these vetoes.


Understanding the Affordable Care Act

If you are not sure how the loss of the Affordable Care Act would affect your life, click on the link below for a comprehensive explanation from OFA National.


What can you do?



An Historical Look…
ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Overview

By the end of open enrollment 2014 over 15 million Americans who didn’t have health insurance before the ACA was signed into law in 2010 are now covered, bringing the total uninsured adults in the US from 18% to 13.4%. During the year many dropped their plans, or didn’t yet renew them for 2015. As of January of 2015 the current uninsured rate is 12.9% according to Gallup (average from fourth quarter of 2014). The change is on par with projections, and is expected to increase each year.
As of January 16th, 2015 7.1 million are enrolled in a plan through HealthCare.Gov and 2.4 million enrolled through state Marketplaces. This number spiked to 10 million total enrollments by February. Are also currently 10 million Medicaid sign ups and 3 million on the parents plan to date. This however does not give us a complete count of total enrollments due to ACA related provisions. Learn more about how to understand ObamaCare enrollment numbers. HHS originally projected 9.1 million enrollments by February 15, 2015 (the end of Open Enrollment).
We won’t know exact enrollment numbers for each insurance type until well after folks have enrolled. What we do on this page is present the data we do have, analyze it and give you our educated estimates. Below you’ll find links to official reports and our analysis of that data.
Let’s look at some quick facts on the ACA signups and the start our detailed look at what factors contributed to the current enrollment numbers.

Enrollment Number Facts For Open Enrollment 2015

So far we know that 7.1 million (as of Jan 16, 2015) have enrolled in a plan on the federal marketplace HealthCare.Gov. That includes about 4.5 million auto-renews and renewals, plus new enrollments. Those numbers were 6.8 million (as of Jan 9, 2015), 6.6 million (as of Jan 2, 2015), 6.5 million by end of 2015.
The above is only in respect to federal marketplace enrollments (HealthCare.Gov only). These enrollments don’t count the 14 state’s using their own marketplace (estimated at 2.4 million as of January 16th, 2015, you can also look at state-by-state breakdown by HHS), those who got covered through Medicaid and CHIP (10 million), young adults staying on their parents plans (3 million), plans outside of the marketplace, job based coverage, and more. Taking into account enrollment numbers so far, and the fact that the employer mandate begins this year, we could see a pretty drastic decrease in uninsured. We will have more detailed information as more reports come in.
NOTE: Last year 8 million people enrolled in a marketplace plan, not everyone kept their plan, and not everyone who kept their plan reenrolled. The current grand total of federal marketplace enrollments was about 6.5 million by the end of 2014. The current goal for open enrollment 2015 is 9.1 million paid on HealthCare.Gov.
ou can find more information about the HHS report on December 2014 enrollment numbers for ObamaCare here or the latest enrollment number report here. By following the HHS blog you can get up-to-date reporting on federal marketplace enrollments and Medicaid.

Our 2013-2014 Actions

OAKTON COLLEGE ENROLLMENT DRIVE 3/3 3/4  3/5 : The event was a big success!   Thank you  to Keith Moens, David Horwitz and Peg Lane for helping with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday shifts at Oakton College GET Covered enrollment drive. You helped refer MANY students to the enrollment table to get covered!

INDIAN TRAILS LIBRARY ENROLL TABLE: Thank you Linda Wayce for volunteering for AM shift and to Lou Hoppe for volunteering for the PM shift on 3/5/14. Thanks again to Renee Gladstone and Joan Brody  for volunteering to sit at the Indian Trails Library Get Covered table on 2/22/14 and 2/25/14.  Thank you to Tuly Rodriguez for volunteering to be our Spanish translator at the Indian Trails library shift 10-2 every Saturday from now untill the end of March!! You are heroes!  
Thank you to the 10 volunteers who have attended our ACA Get Covered phone bank at Panera. YOU are HEROES to all you call!!  
Thank you ~  Lou Hoppe – Data Entry,  Callers: Jimmy Stewart (trainer) ,  Linda Waycie, Kathy Niekrasz, Joe Gump, Peg Lane,  Herald Whyte, and Doug Blair. Antulia Rodriguez – Spanish translator who is a HUGE help.
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February 11, 2014

ACA Day of Action Press Event –  Mile Square Health Center in Chicago

Local supporters joined to hear from people in the community who are already benefiting from the law in order to help others learn how they can get covered.

Medill Published News Article:

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January, 2014 – Press Event at Chicago Temple followed by fliering at State & Washington, Chicago

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November, 2013 – The team getting ready to “Get Talking During the Holidays”  in Buffalo Grove, IL

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October, 2013 – Hearing from the experts in Arlington Heights, IL

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August, 2013 – Getting the facts in Palatine, IL

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