In Memoriam of Sara Horan

It is with great sadness that

NWSOFA-Indivisible Announces the Passing

of our Devoted Chapter Co-Lead,

Sara Horan

On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, after fighting hard against a serious

illness, Sara left us. Our hearts are broken.

For those of you who knew Sara, you will recall that she lived her life

with a positive outlook in all situations. She continued to exude

positivity up to the end.

Sara dedicated her life to helping others, whether it was through her

work as a social worker, championing climate action, marching for

women’s rights, pursuing gun violence prevention, lobbying our elected

officials on important issues in our communities, state, or nation, or

encouraging people to use their voice by voting, and so much more.

Perhaps her most powerful gift was the way in which she connected

with others.

Her warmth, caring manner, and encouragement made

everyone who met her feel special. In Sara’s eyes, everyone was special

and had gifts to give. She helped them see their gifts, as well as helped

them to use their gifts to make a difference. Sara led with a smile and a

laugh, having fun in all she did.

It is in Sara’s spirit that we, as NWSOFA Indivisible, will continue to

move forward. As Sara dedicated her life to helping others, seeking the

positive, we will embody her legacy in all we pursue to continue to

make a difference in our communities, state, and nation.