NWSOFA April 2019 Progressive Newsletter

What's Happened
NEWSLETTER    Click to see April Calendar Events Sara Horan and Bill Davis - NWSOFA Chapter Co-Leads It's that time of year. It's time for the: Still confused about gerrymandering? Still wondering "what the heck is redistricting"? Or do you feel like an expert but are Still worried about the fight ahead? DON'T BALK!!! We've got ALL THE BASES COVERED! Our SPRING TRAINING series is the   first three Thursdays of April at 7:00 PM We'll WALK you through the whole process, RUN you by how it's changed, and HIT on why it's paramount to all of our fights. It doesn't matter whether you feel hopelessly lost or you're an expert-there's something for you. We even have a TRIPLE PLAY: Register Once and you're signed up for all 3 sessions. Sign up, and RUN on in with a friend! With our training you'll be…
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