NWSOFA Indivisible January 2020 Progressive Newsletter

What's Happened
¬†¬†NEWSLETTER and CALENDAR JANUARY 2020 IT'S A NEW YEAR! WHAT WILL NWSOFA - INDIVISIBLE LOOK LIKE IN 2020? We hope you all got a chance to read our last email. In it was a review of our activities for 2019 which was our MOST AMAZING YEAR EVER. This past year saw us sending over 1.5 million emails, maintaining Facebook pages and a web site to inform and remind our nearly 5000 members of the 81 separate events that we held or co-sponsored in the North West Suburbs. Click link to the NWSOFA-INDIVISIBLE 2019 Year in Review In some ways our year had to be amazing. Just to keep up with the challenges that the federal administration has created. In 2019. we even changed our name and our organization affiliation as…
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