“What’s Next” This Week

Meeting & Events this week for

Liberals and Progressives

NWSOFA-Indivisible A Guide for the week

Week of February 4th – February 11th, 2024 (times vary by event)

“What’s Next” This Week

Meeting & Events this week for

Liberals and Progressives

NWSOFA-Indivisible A Guide for the week

Week of February 4th – February 11th, 2024 (times vary by event)

Thursday, February 8th @7pm -ZOOM

Is the Economy “Just Right” or “Too Hot”

is it the Goldilocks Scenario??

February’s 2024 Fiscal and Economic Issues Discussion of the US Economic Facts’

Catch up on this year’s economic news and share your thoughts.

The first estimate of 4th quarter real I GDP growth is 3.3%. Combined with +353,000 jobs added in January, things are looking pretty good.

Key Economic Data Points

– the debt ceiling increased until 2025, but credit rating lowered because we came close to not raising it

– nonfarm payrolls increased by 353,000 in January

– the unemployment rate was 3.7% in January

– The twelve month CPI has declined from 9.1% last June (2022) to 3.4% in December 2023.

– Twelve month PCE inflation was at 2.6% in December 2023

Note: Our meetings are recorded and the links are below. I encourage you to check out discussions from our prior meetings, especially the discussion with Representative Mark Walker on Illinois at September’s meeting.

Bottom line is that the data through January show a growing economy that is still strong. Potential headwinds include a future government shutdown, the resumption of student loan payments, and issues with the Suez and Panama canals.

On Monday February 8th, David and Karl will try to explain what this all means.

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Thursday, February 8th @ 7:00 PM in-person

“Feb. 8 Candidate Training:

You’re the Ones We Are Waiting For!

Run for Local Office!”

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Barack Obama

Are you a liberal or progressive thinking of running for local office? Do you wonder what you will need to get started– and to win?

This in-person introduction will give you an overview of how to run a local campaign, from getting started and raising funds, to setting up a field organization to reach supporters and encourage voter turnout.

This Candidates’ Coach training is a collaboration of Greater Palatine Area Democrats, Elk Grove Township Democrats, and Wheeling Township Democrats.

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Election Day Midwest Phone Bank for Tom Suozzi

PHONE BANK:.. Tuesday, Feb 13, 12:00–1:30pm

“2/13 Phone Bank to Flip George Santos’ District”

Indivisible and Swing Left chapters across the midwest to call voters ahead of the Feb. 13 special election in New York’s 3rd congressional district – and flip George Santos’s former district from red to blue

We have one more opportunity to talk to voters about supporting Democratic nominee Tom Suozzi and encourage them to make their voices heard at the ballot box. Join your fellow Midwest volunteers from Indivisible Illinois, Indivisible Evanston, Statewide Indivisible Michigan (SWIM), Swing Left Chicago, Swing Left Milwaukee, Swing Left Twin Cities, and more, showing up for our friends in New York.

Join this election day Zoom Phone Bank Party to GOTV in the final stretch of this special election, You’ll need a phone, and a computer or tablet to make calls.

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Every Wednesday 1 pm & 3 PM + THURSDAY 1 PM Central

“NWSOFA Social Media Training w/FT6”

Social Media training .. alternating

NWSOFA w/FT6 Wednesday & Thursday 1 PM (Join Bill while Storming SM by sharing while learning)

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February 8th Friday at Noon 12:00 – 1:00PM

“Truth Sandwich Shoppe”

Please join us for a Sandwich Shoppe tomorrow, Friday, at noon to discuss, create and post Truth Sandwiches

We hope to see you there!

Your Truth Brigade Illinois Team

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Every Monday thru Friday, 9:00 – 10 AM

Every Monday thru Friday 9am to 10am central …. It’s Where we Talk about Stuff! ..Extremely Casual ..

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Every Friday night ..@5pm


It’s Friday Night .. It’s 5 PM .. do you know where YOU should be? Talking to us at 5 pm – We have it set up that anyone can join and start the conversation about stuff.. …

5 pm – join us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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