“What’s Next” This Week

Meeting & Events this week for

Liberals and Progressives

NWSOFA-Indivisible A Guide for the week

Week of January 28th – February 4th 2024 (times vary by event)


“What’s Next” This Week

Meeting & Events this week for

Liberals and Progressives

NWSOFA-Indivisible A Guide for the week

Week of January 28th – February 4th 2024 (times vary by event)

Monday January 29th 7:00 PM

The 14th Amendment

How Section 3 applies in 2024

The Fourteenth Amendment granted citizenship to all persons “born or naturalized in the United States,” including formerly enslaved people, and provided all citizens with “equal protection under the laws,” extending the provisions of the Bill of Rights to the states.

The amendment authorized the government to punish states that abridged citizens’ right to vote by proportionally reducing their representation in Congress. It banned those who “engaged in insurrection” against the United States from holding any civil, military, or elected office without the approval of two-thirds of the House and Senate.


Overview, What does 14.3 say, Why was it created, Does it apply to Trump?, Why and how are states applying it?, Defenses:, Legal opinions, How will SCOTUS respond?, What does it mean to us?

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Thursday, February 1, 7:30-9pm Zoom

“Indivisible Rural Illinois Presents: New Races, New Faces”

Meet two Democratic candidates taking on entrenched incumbent Republicans in their bright Red districts: Brian Roberts, Congressional District IL-12, and David Simpson, State House District IL-74. We’ll also meet Qasim Rashid, who’s challenging Congressional District IL-11’s 6-term Democratic congressman in the upcoming March primary.

They’re all facing a challenging uphill battle. How do they plan to do it? Find out at Indivisible Rural Illinois’ next Zoom meeting,

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Every Wednesday 1 pm & 3 PM + THURSDAY 1 PM Central

“NWSOFA Social Media Training w/FT6”

Social Media training .. alternating

NWSOFA w/FT6 Wednesday & Thursday 1 PM (Join Bill while Storming SM by sharing while learning)

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February 2nd Friday at Noon 12:00 – 1:00PM ZOOM

“Honor With Action

Please join us for the “Honor With Action” Illinois Bi-Weekly Update

For gun violence prevention (GVP) advocates who recognize that the gun violence epidemic is a reflection of racial and socioeconomic inequities everywhere, especially in the criminal justice system.

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Saturday, February 3rd @ 3:00 pm central via Zoom.

“Midwest Phone Bank to Flip NY-03 Blue”

Indivisible Illinois, along with several other midwest Indivisible groups and Swing Left groups will be hosting Zoom phone bank parties for “Midwest Phone Bank to Flip NY-03 Blue”.

A few things to keep in mind when you attend this phone bank:

  • Don’t worry if you’ve never done something like this before. We’ll provide training on the phone bank tools, and a script for what to say on the calls.
  • You’ll need a phone, and a computer or tablet to make calls.
  • Once you register, you’ll receive a Zoom registration form to fill out and that’ll get you the Zoom link for the call.
Click Here for the Zoom Registration for Saturday’s 3Pm Midwest Phone Bank to Flip NY-03 Blue

Sunday February 4th 6:30 – 8:30 PM

For a FUN Time

Attend The

NWSOFA 2023 Holiday Party

Sunday Feb 4 from 6:30-8:30

Join Us For A FUN TIME – No NFL Football Sundays Games on tap..

Salsa Street Restaurant-

1540 N. Rand Rd, Palatine, IL

Sunday 2/4/24 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM

We will have a lot of “Talk” Time and a two hour Fajita Buffet with all the fillings and condiments.

The cost per person for the buffet is $32.00 (tip included) with unlimited soft drink pitchers and coffee included.

Guests can order their own alcoholic beverages and pay the server at that time.

We will be collecting money in advance using our Act Blue donation account and /or you can may pay when you enter at the door..

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Every Monday thru Friday, 9:00 – 10 AM

Every Monday thru Friday 9am to 10am central …. It’s Where we Talk about Stuff! ..Extremely Casual ..

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Every Friday night ..@5pm


It’s Friday Night .. It’s 5 PM .. do you know where YOU should be? Talking to us at 5 pm – We have it set up that anyone can join and start the conversation about stuff.. …

5 pm – join us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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