What’s Next: Meeting & Events this week for Democrats, Liberals and Progressives @ NWSOFA-Indivisible A Guide for the week June 12th – June 19th (times vary by event)

What’s Next:

Meeting & Events this week for

Democrats, Liberals and Progressives

@ NWSOFA-Indivisible A Guide for the week

June 12th – June 19th (times vary by event)

Your Everyday Source: Meetings, Events, Hero’s,

Truth Telling, Deep Dives into the Facts ..

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Monday thru Friday Daily @ 9 AM


Start Your Day off with great conversations.. We talk“Stuff” of the Day!.

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Monday 6-13,15,16th

9:00 AM

January 6 Select Committee Hearings:

Watch the Events

Virtual Watch Parties

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Tuesday 6/14 7:00-8 PM

Join US as Women Unite

Standing with Women (SWW)

Gun Violence Roe vs Wade Actions

Race Class Narrative

(What’s Next)

The New York and Uvalde,Texas mass shootings have left us angry, devastated, and powerless.

Kathy says “I do feel uplifted, as we joined with Mom’s forArl a beautiful prayer vigil on Sunday, 5/29 and the MFOL in Palatine MOM’s “Let’s March” in Arlington Heights”

Vote in the June 28, 2022 Primary Election:


Any registered voter can vote by mail. You can apply online after March 30th for a mail ballot. The last day to apply for a mail ballot is five days before Election Day.


From June 13, 2022 through June 27th, you can vote at any early voting site in suburban Cook County or at the County Clerk’s office downtown.


Polling places are open from 6am to 7pm.

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Wednesday 6/15 7:30-9 PM

Radical Self-Care/Making Time for Mindfulness

Are you feeling worn down right now about what is going on in the world? You are not alone. May was a grueling month and June is looking like more of the same.

Remember: self-care is not selfish. We cannot pour from an empty cup.

Thursday 6/16 5:30 PM – 8PM

We’re calling into Wisconsin

Milwaukee and Madison areas, heavily blue areas – reminding folks that with just one application they can get mail ballots for the remaining two elections.

Turnout is how we win, and making a sure-fire plan to vote is how we get turnout.

Please spend an hour or so with us on a Thursday evening to help ensure Governor Evers wins – and Ron Johnson loses!

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Thursday 6/16/22 7:00-8:30PM

 Presentation on how the reversal of Roe v. Wade will impact Illinois and the actions you can take

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Friday 6/17 @ 11:00-12:30 PM

 We will make and post truth sandwiches on Twitter and Facebook and discuss technical issues and other ways to spread the truth

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Every Friday at 5:00 – 6:00 PM

“Happy Hour” every Friday @ 5 PM

End your week off with fun, lively convesation … What happened this last week.

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With Over 5,000 Members in the NorthWest Suburbs of Chicago

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non-partisan organization.

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NWSOFA’s 24 all-volunteers – Lead our Communications and/or Issue Team Groups – 9 Progressive Issue and Electoral Group leading our 5,000 member organization
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