Immigration Reform

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Deadline for Democracy Rally

NWSOFA Indivisible worked with Indivisible Naperville, DuPage County NAACP, ACE, National Organization of Women, and Indivisible DuPage to hold a Deadline for Democracy Rally in Naperville for S1 and ending the filibuster on July 6th. We had around 75 attendees and local press in attendance. We also live streamed it and the local press live streamed it. 2.5K Views between the two live streams.



Immigration officers at O’Hare detain 3 children who are U.S. citizens: Congresswoman calls it ‘kidnapping of children by our government’


  • Historical Resources and Actions

    Resource Handbook

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform Community Action Planning Session

    We have the speakers, the press… all we need is YOU
    Immigration Reform
    Press Event and Rally
    Saturday, June 28, 2014 12:00 AM – 2:00 AM

     One (1) Year Anniversary of the Senate passing the CIR bill

    Marking the one year anniversary since the Senate passed their CIR bill and one year that the house has failed to act.


    One more year with 12-15 million Immigrants living in the shadows.

    The Senate passed it … and the House has been sitting on it. Lets let John Boehner and incoming House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy,  know how we feel… and increase the pressure on them by our ACTIONS!


    The Press Event and Rally will take place at US Congressman’s Dan Lipinski’s office, at 6245 South Archer Ave., Chicago… A few blocks west of Midway Airport.

    Note for the NWSOFA attendees: We will meet @ 10:00 am and caravan/car-pool from the Starbucks Streets of Woodfield (601 North Martingale Road Streets of Woodfield Schaumburg, IL) at 10:30 am Saturday morning. We have three cars but will need more.

    Come join us to get folks involved in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Movement.

     To RSVP to the CIR6-28 Rally – Click here!

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR)
    Day of Action Meeting
    @ the Palatine Library
    700 N. North Ct.
    Palatine, IL
    February 15th   1 PM – 3 PM


    To join this team contact Bill at 224-241-2012 or at
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    Immigration has always been a part of the American story. We are a nation
    of immigrants, but also a nation of laws. For too long, our immigration system has been broken—11 million undocumented immigrants live in constant
    uncertainty outside the system, employers are free to exploit the system, and
    our broken system can’t keep up with the demands of our economic growth.
    Now, we have a historic chance to fix all of that.

    Democrats and Republicans came together to pass a
    bipartisan immigration reform bill in the Senate by a
    vote of 68–32. The House of Representatives is now
    discussing comprehensive immigration reform. It’s more
    important than ever for supporters to make their voices
    heard in their communities and by their Representatives.
    We have a unique opportunity to fix our broken system.
    Now is the time for comprehensive immigration reform
    to fix our broken system.

    • Immigration reform would reduce the deficit
    by more than $800 billion over the next 20
    years. (source: Congressional Budget Office)
    • Immigration reform would add more than 3.2 million
    new jobs and strengthen Social Security. (source: Social
    Security Administration)
    • 74% of Americans support a path to citizenship for
    undocumented immigrants “as long as they meet
    certain requirements like paying back taxes, learning
    English, and passing a background check.”
    (source: Fox News Poll, 6/13)

    Provide a pathway to earned citizenship
    Comprehensive immigration reform will provide
    undocumented immigrants with a legal way to earn
    citizenship. It requires that everyone play by the same
    rules, including passing a background check, paying
    taxes and a penalty, going to the back of the line, and
    learning English.
    Continue to strengthen our borders
    Immigration reform would give law enforcement the
    tools they need to make our communities safer from
    crime, enhance our infrastructure and technology,
    and strengthen our ability to remove criminals and
    apprehend and prosecute threats to our national
    Streamline legal immigration
    Immigration reform will make our system more efficient.
    That includes providing visas to foreign entrepreneurs
    looking to start businesses here, helping the most
    promising foreign graduate students in science and
    math stay in this country after graduation, and reuniting
    Crack down on employers who hire
    undocumented workers
    Immigration reform will stop businesses from exploiting
    the system by knowingly hiring undocumented workers.
    Employers will have a reliable way to verify that their
    employees are here legally, and everyone will be
    required to play by the same set of rules.


    Re-printed from OFA Get the Facts

    Please sign up for our next EVENTS:

     National Day of Action: NWSOFA CIR Recruitment Phone Bank

    We will be having a Recruitment Phone Bank for a Day of Action Training on Feb. 15th. This is crucial legislation and we will be doing big events in the next couple of months to help move this forward. Join us to see how you could be part of the the leadership for this Team.

    Time: Thursday Jan. 30th 7-9 PM
    Coffee Planet (Rolling Meadows, IL)
    1450 Golf Rd
    Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
    Golf just west of Algonquin. Out lot of Walmart Plaza

  • The White House has found ways to end protection for ‘Dreamers’ while shielding Trump from blowback – LA Times


  • Fellow Illinoisan,

    On election night, President-elect Trump said, “Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division.”  I hope that Mr. Trump will do his part in bringing our nation together by recognizing that immigration makes our country stronger. One important step that President-elect Trump should take is to continue the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program – also known as “DACA.”

    The young people who are eligible for DACA are known as Dreamers. They were brought to the United States as children. They grew up singing the National Anthem and pledging allegiance to the only flag they know – the American flag. We’ve already invested in them by educating them in our schools. It makes no sense to squander their talents by deporting them to countries they barely remember.

    Over the years, I’ve come to the Senate floor dozens of times to tell the stories of Dreamers.  These stories show you what is at stake when we consider the fate of DACA. One of these Dreamers is Asael Reyes.

    When Asael was a 5-year-old boy, his family brought him to the United States from Mexico. Asael grew up on the North Side of Chicago and was a bright child, but when he learned that he was undocumented his life took a downturn. Asael was failing his classes, and he dropped out of high school for six months. But then, in 2012, President Obama announced DACA, and everything changed for Asael. For the first time, Asael felt that he “had a future worth fighting for,” and turned his life around. He improved his grades, worked full-time to support his family, and the little free time he had he spent volunteering with a mentoring program.

    Today, Asael is in his sophomore year in the Honors College at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Every week he delivers food from the college dining halls on bike to a local homeless shelter. Asael dreams of working in Chicago’s city government. He said, “I have a passion for my city, and I feel an obligation to do whatever I can to make it great by serving its communities.”

    Click here to watch me speak on the Senate Floor to share Asael’s DACA story.

    DACA gave Asael the hope he needed to turn his life around. And now he wants to give back to the city – and the country – that he loves. It’d be shameful to play politics with the lives of these young people and wrong to deport them to countries they no longer remember. I’ll remain vigilant to make sure this never happens and will keep fighting so everyone who calls America home is treated with dignity and respect.

    The stories we tell have power, and I want to hear yours. If you or someone you know is a Dreamer or DACA recipient, please share your story by clicking HERE, or posting online using #DACAstory.


    Dick Durbin

  • Graham preparing ‘Dreamers’ bill – Political 11-30-16

    Fellow Illinoisan,

    I now know the range of human emotions—in six days to go from the heights of the Cubs’ victory in the World Series to last week’s election. But the bedrock principle of America is that we select our leaders and then come together as a country to find common ground and move forward. I congratulate both Secretary Clinton and President-elect Trump on a hard-fought campaign.

    While the Administration will change in January, our core values never will, and I will work with all of my strength each day in the Senate to look out for the most vulnerable among us, and to ensure liberty and equality for every person in America. This includes taking action to protect the hundreds of thousands of young immigrants who have grown up in the United States from the mass deportations that were threatened during the campaign.

    Earlier this week, I took to the U.S. Senate floor to call on President-elect Trump to protect DACA and Dreamers.

    Oscar Cornejo, Jr., is one of these young immigrant students—known as Dreamers—who has received temporary legal status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Oscar was brought to Park City, Illinois, from Mexico when he was just five years old. He excelled in school and is now a senior at Dartmouth College. Oscar hopes one day to give back to his community by becoming an educator.

    Will America be a stronger country if we deport Oscar, or if he stays here and achieves his dream of becoming an educator? The answer is clear.

    I will fight tooth and nail to protect DACA and the Dreamers who have had the courage to step forward and contribute their talents to our great country. Now is the time for America—this nation of immigrants—to heal the wounds that divided us during this election. President-elect Trump can start by honoring our country’s immigrant heritage and values.


    Dick Durbin
    United States Senator


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