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NWSOFA is Action..
2016 “One Voice Can Change a Room
– Together We Can Change the World”
We sometimes FORGET how Powerful a Force We are &
 that Creating Social Change is a PROCESS not a Destination!


With Women (SWW)
Monthly Meeting
& Empowering 
Women’s Rights
 1/27 SWW Corner Bakery 6:30 – 8:30 pm
The Corner Bakery Café (Arlington Heights, IL)
Northpoint Shopping Center,
470 East Rand Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Join us as we Stand With Women (SWW)
– from expanding women’s leadership and economic security to protecting health care choices:
 We want ot hear what concerns people have so that we can formulate action around the
issues that matter most to everyone.
                  • equal pay for equal work
                  • paid leave
                  • workplace discrimination
                  • media portrayals of women
                  • sexual assault on college campuses

Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Team Planning Meeting
Thursday, January 28, 2016 
7:00-8:30 PM

Panera Bread
at the Arboretum of South Barrington,
100 W. Higgins, South Barrington
Join us as we plan for the
2016 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Team’s meeting, events and goals:
Come with your :
                    • Questions
                    • ideas plans
                    • for action events
                    • in 2016

“Upcoming January Events”

NWSOFA Diversity Outreach
is Partnering on the ACA

So our volunteers on the ground reach targeted communities where health insurance education and ACA education are low.
General Information on the ACA OPEN ENROLLMENT
NWSOFA’s goals for the 3rd ACA enrollment period.  This ACA enrollment period will be November 1, 2015 — January 31, 2016, with 3 important deadlines:
    • January 31st: deadline for coverage to begin March 1, 2016

OFA will have three key roles during this enrollment period:

    • Gather stories touting the success and benefits of the ACA
    • Collaborate with national and local partners in the health care service and enrollment space.*
    • Utilizing chapters and volunteers on the ground to reach target communities where health insurance education and ACA education are low.
*Note: Neither OFA nor volunteers on behalf of OFA should be participating in the actual enrollment of people. This is the same as in the previous enrollment periods.

“Partner January Events”

JANUARY 26, 2015, AT 10:30
834 Lake Street
Our coalition is currently working to stop passage of the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement, as well as pass fair election legislation in Chicago, and overturning Citizens United
Our coalition is currently working to stop passage of the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement, as well as pass fair election legislation in Chicago, and overturning Citizens United.  However, we support the efforts of all our partners as we believe the only way to combat the brutal domination of this country by the billionaires, ideologues, and one percent, is to come together as a coalition to help and support all our members. And we need every Americans to be part of this effort.  So, here are five upcoming events we think our extremely important as we fight to take back this country– click below for the rest of the newsletter..

The Palatine League of Women Voters
Announces a new  program on
Money in Politics 
 Thursday, January 28, 2016.
Friendship Village in Schaumburg at 350 West Schaumburg Rd. from 7 to 8:30 pm.

Great News from Get Covered Enroll
Get Covered Enroll is getting their Call Teams back together every … Every Monday for this short enrollment period from now  thru January!
Every Monday night at Panera and Arlington Heights on Rand Road!  The Get Covered Enroll Team will be making calls from our cell phones, recording information on the computer,  call sheets will be available.  Training starts at 4..calls follow till around 7,or so!
Please RSVP to Chris Ross, cjr60089@gmail, 847-668-4922
\or Michael King directly 312 288 5279
Per Chris and Michael…. Hope to see or hear from you one way if you can help this enrollment period!

Current Event Discussion Groups
For those that like Politics
@ Maxfield’s Restaurant in Schaumburg.. 
Second Tuesday of every Month
11/10/15 Area to the Right 
 10 am to 12 noon
Arlington Heights Library 
(meets at the AH Senior Center)
Every Thursday 10 am to 12 noon

“In the Books… January Events”


College Outreach Planning Meeting was Held on 1/23 @ Harper
Stronger Growing Attendance with our College and High School Seniors deeply involved in the Planning..
The ever growing College Outreach team met at Harper College to plan for the spring.  After getting in touch with the faculty advisor for the Human Resources club on campus we were able to make plans for connecting with students through participation in the Volunteer Fair, Resource Fair, being the featured speaker at the Human Resources Club, and showing the documentary film “Ivory Tower” on campus.
With help from a new member who is a student there, we hope to connect our teams with the Environmental Club, Black Student Union, Immigration, and Pride clubs.   The young people have a date to produce 6 5-minute podcasts on topics of interest to college students and their parents. To fulfill the voter education portion of our mission, our team will publish links to information about candidates’ positions, and conduct a registration drive at Northwestern. We welcomed 3 new members, and would welcome help with any of these upcoming projects.  Thank you to everyone who participated in a great meeting.
Questions? email rrgladstone@aol.com
or call 847-991-1863

NWSOFA Joined with CRS @ MLK “Faith in Action Assembly First Baptist Congregational Church
Article by Sara Horan:
What an inspiring MLK Day. We, NWSOFA, started the week before asking everyone who was coming to our SOTU Watch Party to bring donations for our local food pantry as part of our MLK Day of Service. We had close to 80 folks for a great SOTU, and they literally brought a car load of food!
On MLK Day we joined with the regional Community Renewal Society, 60 area wide religious and other organizations, for a “Faith In Action Assembly” at the First Baptist Congregational Church in Chicago. NWSOFA joined the bus load of folks from the NW suburbs to attend this amazing event. There were over 1500 in the Church from all over the Chicago area with the goal of “Act to repair justice, restore lives and rebuild community.” There were speeches and prayers, and singing (incredible soloist and choir) and elected officials and candidates. Elected officials were asked directly to commit to specifics ways they could improve the broken system in Chicago.
Monday evening we finished the day with our local League of Women Voters. They arranged for a free showing of “Selma”, appetizers and a speaker who had been involved in SNCC and provided personal insights on what he had experienced. What an inspiring day!

 On January 21st, theGun Violence Prevention Monthly Meeting was Held
Summary of the NWSOFA Gun Violence Prevention Planning Meeting
January 21, 2016
The agenda for this month’s Gun Violence Prevention planning meeting,held from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Corner Bakery in Arlington Hts on Thursday, January 21stcovered a variety oftopics that stimulated lively discussion among the 16 individuals who attended.
Following a warm welcome by GVP Co-Leader, Natalie Warren, everyone who attended had a chance to tell their names and where they live and to share a bit about what motivated them to become involved with gun violence prevention efforts. please click below to read the full report on the Actions of the GVP team:
It’s time to get involved .. as a nation we have been to silent .. for too long.  Join Us .. Learn what you can do.

For the rest of the report on the Actions of the meeting ..click here!

Fiscal and Economic Issues Discussion
was held, January 18th
On Jobs, Deficit and Debt for the US and Illinois 
Great discussion on the facts on the economic recovery nationally and the status of ongoing appropriations challenges at both the state and national level.
In the January BLS Report on December:
      • we have added 292,000 Jobs plus added 50,000 revision up to the previous 2 months
      • we added about 2.6 million jobs in the last 12 months
      • the (U-3) unemployment rate was at 5.0%,
      • the U-6 rate dropped 9.9%. While down from a high of 17.1% during the downturn, this U-6 rate is still higher than the 8.4% in the fall of 2007 before the Great Recession of December 2007 to June 2009.
      • Illinois continues to operate without appropriations with much spending happening because of court orders.

Everyone had a Great time at the State of the Union Watch Party…
The Organizer in Chief was Spot On
The Venue was Superb
The Packed House was Excited

What a great night! Liked the new venue,seemed comfortable for most everyone. The wait staff & owner loved us. Only heard positive comments re: nice to have folks attentive to the broadcast,  nice group of people ,etc. They were all watching the President’s speech, too.
Our President was superb. What a great SOTU speech, only sad that this is his last one. Kathy & Sara and others did a number of tweets during the speech. Please go to @ NWSOFA and add your own or retweet ours. I’m sure Kathy will add our pix & tweets to CONNECT.
Thank you for the generous response to our call for service giving in honor 
of Dr. King’s memorial day.  
We were very gratified to see that people donated 5 big boxes full of items from the wish lists of Palatine Township and Journeys the Road Home.

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In This Issue

QuickView-A49F6DCE9425D079601D1793F2D88B8A In January 2013 we started as a gathering of friends and neighbors from the NW Suburbs who wanted to continue to have impact on the progressive issues we voted for in 2012.This grassroots, bottom up movement spread across the country and sparked the creation of Organizing for Action, OFA National which now has  Chapters all over the country. This is a non-partisan, volunteer organization that focuses on progressive issues we are committed to taking Action on to make a difference locally, statewide and nationally.
NWSOFA’s 1st Issue Team was  right after the tragedy at Sandy Hook. The Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) team felt we needed accurate information and facts, events to teach others and actions we could take to make a difference on pushing for common sense gun violence prevention. That has been our basic format as new issues arose and team developed. We now have the GVP, ACA/Obamacare, Climate Change,Fiscal Issues and Stand with Women Issue Teams.Check out their individual pages to see all the events they have scheduled and to join the teams you want to make a difference with. Other teams are developing such as for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
OFA National coordinates “Days of Action” that Chapters across the country will all do on the same day. Each team also has local events and may work with affiliate organizations i.e. Sierra Club, Al Gore Reality Project, etc. to combine like-minded groups on a local, state or national event.
In this type of organization there are numerous ways you can be involved with the teams and in other roles.
Thanks for stopping and hope you’ll stay and join us.

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NWSOFA “January Events”  In Pictures

NWSOFA Fiscal & Economic Discussion Group Meeting Jan 18th

Attending the CRS MLK Event @ 1st Baptist Congregational Church Jan 18th

Attending the LWV Film Event @ the Metropolitan Jan 18th

NWSOFA Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) Meeting @ Panera Jan 21st

NWSOFA College Outreach Meeting @ Harper College Jan 1/23

NWSOFA State of the Union Watch Parth

It’s time to Act .. It Is Time To Get Involved
Over the years the American Citizens have lost their voices, believing that we can not make a difference.  We have been beat down by the constant droning noise of the conservative right. This onslaught has made us like sheep .. afraid to express our views.  Not anymore!  OFA gives us back our voices and by working together we are making change one issue at a time. Together we can and will make a difference.

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Thank You to our NWSOFA Issue Leads in 2015
Dan Huntsha Climate
Nikki Gundimeda Stand w/Women


Contact Information
NWSOFA Co-Leaders Sara Horan & Bill Davis
Phone: 224-241-2012
email: nws.ofa@gmail.com
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