NWSOFA November 2016 Newsletter


Meeting the Week of
13th – 19th
This Coming Week
The perfect Trifecta Next Week: 
Three Issue Teams will meet this next week
Fiscal, Climate and Gun Violence Prevention
Please Join the Discussions 

NWSOFA’s Fiscal & Economic Issues Discussion Group
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7:00 – 11:00 PM 
(post meeting discussion over pizza till whenever)

We are back in Arlington Heights in November to discuss the Illinois and US economies and their respective fiscal situations. We will also be discussing the potential impact of tomorrow’s election results.

Economic growth continues to be pretty good on the national level with 2.4 million jobs added in the last 12 months (through October). The fiscal situation is relatively stable with overall spending levels set through FY 2017.

On the other hand, Illinois is not doing as well. We operated without a budget in FY 2016 and have been operating with only a partial budget since the beginning of the fiscal year in July .

This situation does not look like it will be resolved soon. Please bring your ideas for how we can help move this impasse to resolution.

The good news is that Illinois’ economy is still growing, with 51,400 jobs added in 2015 (vs. 88,000 in 2014). Illinois now has more jobs than before the Great Recession. However, the number of jobs added has slowed down since the beginning of 2015.

We have the library until about 9:30 pm. After the “official” meeting we will be heading over to Eddie’s on NW Highway to continue informal discussions. There the discussions can be more political. We encourage these political discussions outside of official OFA events.

Look forward to a good group and some interesting discussions .

For your planning purposes, our December meeting will be at the Schaumburg Library. Date TBD

NWSOFA Climate Issues Planning Meeting
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Wed, NOVEMBER 17th
6:00 pm – 8:00 PM
Our Agenda:
  • Planing a showing of the movie  This Changes Everything (thoughtful, compelling and beautifully put together) at multiple venues
  • Discussing the effects that the recent  American election will have on climate issues
  • Discussing Standing Rock, the environmental implications, legal issues, possible outcomes, coordination of various environmental groups, and possible eventual continuation of the pipeline into Illinois, passing close to Springfield

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Gun Violence Prevention Monthly Meeting 
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Thursday, NOVEMBER 17th
6:30 pm – 8:00 PM
The Meeting location is to be announced.  
When you RSVP, you will receive an acknowledgement and location for the meeting upon our receiving your RSVP.
If you are interested in great coffee and lively conversation and want to learn how you can take action now – to honor all victims of gun violence and make our communities safer – then come to our monthly Gun Violence Prevention Planning Meeting. The GVP Issues Team has been working for over 3 years to keep conversation going about gun violence prevention and to take action to change our laws with the goal of creating safer communities for everyone in our state and our nation.  SINCE SEATING IS LIMITED, REGISTRATION IN ADVANCE IN REQUESTED. Come and join us in building safe communities here in the northwest suburbs and all across America!.
It’s time to get involved .. as a nation we have been to silent .. for too long.
Join Us .. Learn what you can do.
Note: This is an invitation only event… You will need to have an RSVP Acknowledgment to enter.

Notice: These are public meeting(s) / event(s) 
NWSOFA is a 501(c)4,  non-partisan organization. 
All opinions are solely those of NWSOFA

Mark Your Calendars  in DECEMBER!

NWSOFA Christmas Party:
December ?th
 ?:00 PM – ?:00 PM Stay Tuned for more info.

NWSOFA Sandy Hook Vigil
Wednesday December 7
iIn The Books our June Event 
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Thank You to our NWSOFA Issue Leads in 2015
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