“What’s Next” This Week Meeting & Events this week for Liberals and Progressives @ NWSOFA-Indivisible A Guide for the Week of – March 3rd – March 10, 2024 (times vary by event)

“What’s Next” This Week

Meeting & Events this week for

Liberals and Progressives

NWSOFA-Indivisible A Guide for the week

Week of March 3rd – March 10th 2024 (times vary by event)

Monday, March 4th,12 Noon to 1 PM CT.- ZOOM

One Aim Coalition Presents:

Brady United’s Anneliese Dickman and Anays Antongiorgi

Deep Dive into gun supply transparency and how we can better track crime.

Recomended by NWSOFA-Indivisible’s Gun Violence Prevention Team (GVP)

This Coalition meeting is a chance for all of us to get together, learn from the experts, and explore how we can make real changes to make our communities safer.

We’re going to talk about everything from the challenges of tracking crime guns to what we can do locally to push the gun industry towards better practices.

Click Here to RSVP forMonday’s NOON ZOOM “Strategies for Change: Tackling Gun Supply Transparency”

Every Wednesday 1 pm & 3 PM + THURSDAY 1 PM Central

“NWSOFA Social Media Training w/FT6”

Social Media training .. alternating

NWSOFA w/FT6 Wednesday & Thursday 1 PM (Join Bill while Storming SM by sharing while learning)

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Thursday, March 7, 2024, at 7:30 PM Central – Zoom

Indivisible Rural Illinois March meeting with Speakers:

“Jesse Rojo from Illinois Veterans for Change and Rachelle Salo from the Indivisible Rural Caucus”

We are pleased to have as our guests for the evening, Ilinois Jesse Rojo from Illinois Veterans for Change Veterans for Change .. This is a group of dedicated Democratic Veterans who aim to increase the number of Veteran elected officials at all levels of government. They believe that there is a need to support Democratic Veterans who wish to run for office or support other Illinois Veteran candidates.

Rachelle Salo, the Organizing Manager for North Carolina & South Carolina and owner of Indivisible’s Rural Caucus, will also join us. She will share about the national rural program and how Indivisible groups can receive tailored support for rural group needs. We encourage you to come prepared to share your challenges, discuss the resources you need, and lift up the work you are excited about in 2024.

Additionally, we will have information from D.P.I. about upcoming opportunities and how you can get involved.

Click Here to Registerfor the ZOOM “ Indivisible Rural Illinois Monthly Meeting) Thursday March th @ 7:30 PM

March 8th, Friday at Noon 12:00 – 1:30PM

“Truth Sandwich Shoppe”

Please join us for a Sandwich Shoppe tomorrow, Friday, at noon to discuss, create and post Truth Sandwiches

We hope to see you there!

Your Truth Brigade Illinois Team

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Every Monday thru Friday, 9:00 – 10 AM Central ZOOM

Every Monday thru Friday 9am to 10am central …. It’s Where we Talk about Stuff! ..Extremely Casual ..

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Every Friday night ..@5pm


It’s Friday Night .. It’s 5 PM .. do you know where YOU should be? Talking to us at 5 pm – We have it set up that anyone can join and start the conversation about stuff.. …

5 pm – join us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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