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Sara Horan and Bill Davis – NWSOFA Chapter Co-Leads
Thank you’s!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Thanks to you we have some good news to announce:  Illinois has joined those progressive states that have passed the ERA and thanks to everyone’s calls, visits to legislators, emails and social media posts – both HB 4165 (the Do No Harm Healthcare Act) and HB 2624 (the Short Term Limited Duration Health Care Act) are headed to Governor Rauner’s Desk, after passing both houses this week!
  • HB 4165 gives the IL General Assembly the power to provide a critical check and balance to stop any attempts to weaken or reduce healthcare in Illinois.
  • HB 2624 will help protect consumers by restricting and monitoring short term  health plans sold in Illinois, as well as eliminating confusion for those who buy these plans.
In total, these bills will help strengthen healthcare access for Illinois residents. We are so proud of all of you for joining together in this fight!  Stay tuned for more details on how to get involved as we encourage Governor Rauner to sign both bills into law!
Thank you for all your support and thank you in advance for getting active and helping elect progressive candidates this upcoming fall.
More Thank You’s:
Thank you for supporting passage of the ERA in Illinois and join us at the Stand With Women meeting for a celebration!
Sara & Bill
Join the NWSOFA Team as we protect the gains we made 
over the last 8 years and move our Progressive social issues forward in 2018 .
Coming in MAY

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 Celebration of ERA passing in IL!

Tues. June 5 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Palatine Public Library
700 N. Court
Palatine, IL 60067
Wow, what a wonderful accomplishment!
IL has passed the Equal Rights Amendment!!
Join Sue and Florence and the Stand with Women team for a celebration of the success of all your hard work. Find out all the actions it took to get this, and how everyone’s efforts can make a big difference.


Tuesday JUNE 12 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Arlington Heights Memorial Library

500 N. Dunton
Arlington Heights,  IL
Come join us for a discussion of the fiscal and economic issues facing Illinois and the U.S.
It looks like Illinois will pass a budget before the end of May for the first time in at least four years. If this happens, we will do a brief update on what is in the new budget and how the Illinois economy is doing. If not, we will give a status of the budget negotiations.  Then we will review the U.S. economy and budget situation.
Our special topic this month will be retirement readiness.
We are also happy to discuss topics that attendees want to discuss. So bring your questions for Karl Faulstich and Dave Doney, our Fiscal Co-Leads. Come join us for some exciting discussions.
Then come join us for continued discussions at Eddie’s after 9:30 pm. While OFA may not be political, we can discuss the politics of what is happening now at Eddie’s. Those $1.25 chicken and ground beef tacos are pretty good.

Gun Violence Prevention Issues Planning Meeting

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Northwest Suburban Democrats Office

1310 W. Northwest Highway,

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Because of Newtown, and now because of Parkland, the NWSOFA GVP Issues group for the past 5 years has committed itself to become an even bolder advocate of change and action. We are determined to change the conversation surrounding gun violence in America, change the hearts of people we encounter through a spirit of volunteerism and kindness – and take action to change the laws to create safer communities for every family in America.
The GVP Issue team educates by having periodic informational meetings, collaborates with coalition non-partisan groups, such as local faith communities and Moms Demand Action and takes action by supporting the efforts of our youth and March for Our Lives and recruiting  legislators to build support for legislation to license gun dealers in Illinois, strengthen background checks and by raising community awareness through hosting vigils, using social media, writing letters to the editor and handing out fliers.
If you are interested in joining us and honoring all victims of gun violence through your individual actions, then we invite you to come to our monthly Gun Violence Prevention Issues Group Planning Meeting at the Northwest Suburban Democrats office in Arlington Hts, IL., 60004.
We hold a 90 minute meeting on the 3rd Thursday of every month (with some exceptions near holidays or if we are planning a public event that month). Please join us – together we can make a difference in creating safer communities for all Americans, including our law enforcement officers. Registration is preferred since seating is sometimes limited.
Can you come?
to help shine a light on the dark shadow of gun violence in America

Tuesday June 27, 2018* 7:00 – 9:00 PM
33 S. Arlington Hts. Rd, Arlington Hts., IL
There is no “planet B” so we’re working on ways each of us can make a difference in creating a healthy home for all. We have big and little ways but would love for you to join us with what you have done or think we should explore. Our goal is to educate, prioritize and act.
Hope you can come and bring your friends!

Notice: These are public meeting(s) / event(s) 
NWSOFA is a 501(c)4,  non-partisan organization. 
All opinions are solely those of NWSOFA
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“Hope is not blind optimism. Hope is that thing inside us that insists, despite all evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us if we have the courage to reach for it, and to work for it, and to fight for it.” President Barack Obama
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