NWSOFA July Progressive Newsletter…July and the action heats up at NWSOFA,


Sara Horan _ Bill Davis Chapter Co-Leads
Sara Horan _ Bill Davis
Chapter Co-Leads
July and the action heats up at NWSOFA,  
 Ah, summer time and the living is easy. Except you’re feeling depressed and angry watching reality and “reality” television. Wondering “what can I do that makes any difference?” We have a great Rx. It’s free. it’s challenging. it’s fun and stimulating. You can meet new people and make new friends. You can make a difference on issues that impact you and your family, your community, your country and the world. Sound intriguing to you?

Then check out what we have going on these vital issues!

NWSOFA is Action..
“One Voice Can Change a Room
– Together We Can Change the World”
Monthy Newsletter for Events 
July 1st through July 31th

NWSOFA Stand With Women Monthly Meeting

   Focusing, Supporting & Empowering Women’s Rights
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM


The Corner Bakery Café
(Arlington Heights, IL)
Northpoint Shopping Center,
 Are you concerned about women’s issues: reproductive freedom, economic equality, ending violence against women- to name of few? Join us for a lively non-partisan discussion and help us plan our 2016-2017 annual action events calendar to proudly and boldly Stand With Women!

            • equal pay for equal work
            • paid leave
            • workplace discrimination
            • media portrayals of women
            • sexual assault on college campuses

Click on the above Flyer to view in Spanish and English
Northwest Suburban
Resource Fair
July 10th, 11AM – 3PM

1451 Bode Rd.

Schaumburg, IL 60194

Sponsored by NWSOFA CIR & Diversity Outreach
        • 22 Organizations providing services an information on Immigration will be at their tables to have discussions with
        • 4 Informational Sessions during the day. Please click on Brochure to times and information covered.

 “The Hunting Ground.”
Wednesday August 13, 2:00PM
Arlington Heights Library,

500 N Dunton Ave
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
College in America is NOT all fun and games and learning. There is a dark kept secret happening- sexual assaults. Help NWSOFA Stand With Women, College Outreach, and Diversity Outreach as we empower and ensure our wonderful young adults, heading off to a new and independent life at college, have the knowledge they need to make safe choices. Bring your high school juniors, seniors, and entering college freshman to our film presentation of the CNN documentary “The Hunting Ground.”

See trailer for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBNHGi36nlM
Sponsored by NWSOFA Stand With Women

NWSOFA’s Fiscal & Economic Issues Discussion Group
Click on Above Image for More Photos
7 – 11PM 
Arlington Heights Memorial Library500 N. DuntonArlington Heights, IL60004

“Jobs, Deficit and Debt for the US and Illinois”  
Headlines for the Month
Nationally 2,400,000 Jobs Created in the past year
Illinois added 51,400 and now has more jobs than before the great recession
Learn the facts about the economic recovery nationally and the status of ongoing appropriations challenges at both the state and national level.
Excerpts from the Agenda:
We are back in Arlington Heights in July to discuss the Illinois and US economies and their respective fiscal situations.Economic growth continues to be pretty good on the national level with 2.4 million jobs added in the last 12 months (through May). The fiscal situation is relatively stable with overall spending levels set through FY 2017. We will update job growth through June so we can discuss at the meeting.On the other hand, Illinois is not doing as well. We have been operating without a budget since the beginning of the fiscal year last July 1st.

This situation does not look like it will be resolved soon. Please bring your ideas for how we can help move this impasse to resolution.The good news is that Illinois’ economy appears to be growing again, with 51,400 jobs added in 2015 (vs. 88,000 in 2014). Illinois now has more jobs than before the Great Recession.

While we won’t be arguing for particular presidential candidates, we can discuss the potential fiscal and economic impact of their various policy proposals. I will be updating my links to articles and get them out to everyone before the meeting. I encourage others to bring articles reviewing the candidates policy positions to the meeting as well.

We have the library until about 9:30 pm. After the “official” meeting we will be heading over to Eddie’s on NW Highway to continue informal discussions. There the discussions can be more political re particular candidates. We encourage these political discussions outside of official OFA events.

Look forward to a good group and some interesting discussions this month on the 11th.

For your planning purposes, our August meeting will be at the Schaumburg Library. Date TBD

Gun Violence Prevention Monthly Meeting 
GVP Monthly Mtg Corner Bakery
Click on the Above Image for Additonal Photos
Meeting Thursday, July 21st
6:30 pm – 8:30 PM
The Meeting location is to be announced.  
When you RSVP, you will receive an acknowledgement and location for the meeting upon our receiving your RSVP.
The GVP Issues Team has been working for the past two years to keep the conversation going about gun violence prevention and to take action to change our laws with the goal of creating safer communities for everyone in our state and our nation. We hold 90 minute planning meetings typically (some exceptions) on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm. If you are interested in working to reduce gun violence in America, we invite you to join us at our next meeting.
It’s time to get involved .. as a nation we have been to silent .. for too long.
Join Us .. Learn what you can do.
          • Recent Congressional sit-in
          • Status of the IL Gun Dealer Licensing Bill
          • What’s Next to Future “Gun Violence Prevention”
  • This is an invitation only event… You will need to have an RSVP Acknowledgment to enter.

Notice: These are public meeting(s) / event(s) 
NWSOFA is a 501(c)4,  non-partisan organization. 
All opinions are solely those of NWSOFA

Mark Your Calendars  in August 
NWSOFA Film presentation: “The Hunting Ground.” Saturday, August 13, 2016 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
NWSOFA Summer Picnic: August 21/2016 “relax by the lake” Lake Terramere, Arlington Heights
iIn The Books our June Event 

IN THE BOOKS: our June Events”

NWSOFA Gun Violence Prevention Team Members Attended:
June 2nd “Wear Orange” National Day of Action
Click Above Image to More or Larger Photos
“Our daughter, Hadiya, was shot and killed in Chicago just two weeks after performing at President Obama’s second inauguration.”
orange — a color that now honors all victims and survivors of gun violence.

“Wear Orange Event in Evanston”


Orange represents the bright future that every child has — and how gun violence tragically cuts that potential short.
400 Events were held accross The US ..  2 huge events in the Chicago Area,  Evanston and Hyde Park

Thousands of individuals wore Orange in memory the many grieving parents whose children have been taken from them by gun violence. That’s why we’ve dedicated our lives to this fight so that no other parents have to experience the pain and heartbreak we endure every single day.

NWSOFA’s Fiscal & Economic Issues
Discussion Group
Met at the Schaumburg Library
Click on Above Image for More Photos
“Jobs, Deficit and Debt for the US and Illinois”

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016
 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.7%
Wages up .5%
New Record … 75 months of Consecutive Private Sector Job Growth

Come get the facts about the economic recovery nationally and the status of ongoing appropriations challenges at both the state and national level.

Excerpts from the Agenda:

(Sponsored by the NWSOFA)

     Wednesday, June 22th  

7:00 PM
We talked about joining with the Stand With Women team to show a documentary, or other plans for the summer.  Colleges in Illinois are suffering badly due to the impasse in Springfield, so we could have a program on that, or please bring other ideas.  More podcasts?  Scholarship information?  Campus safety?  LGBT rights on campus?  Politicians and their ideas about education?  Loan re-financing?

Members of NWSOFA Joined at Sikh Interfaith Candlelight Vigil
June – 22 nd to Express their Solidarity

Click here for more pictures


DACA and DAPA Training
NWSOFA CIR (Immigration Reform) through the NWSOFA Immigration Roundtable

 Church of the Holy Spirit in Schaumburg,
and the Living Faith Methodist Church in Waukegan
June18 from
9:00 to 5:00
Module 6: Screening
The importance and role of navigator in the screening process, review DACA/DAPA, provide practical scripts to avoid UPL, practice screening, and discussion on screening for other forms of relief.

Module 7: Preparing Documentation

The effective practices and strategies for document preparation of DACA/DAPA.

Module 8: Assisting with Applications

The training of Community Navigators to assist in applications such as DACA 2012, N-400, etc. when under the supervision of a lawyer or an accredited BIA representative.

NWSOFA Gun Violence Prevention Planning Meeting(Action Planning Session)

June 16 @ 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Corner Bakery Cafe 470 E Rand Rd
Arlington Heights, IL

A great Video created by:
Khirsti Garnett &
Ameer Muhammad
Check out Ameer and Khirsti’s video at youtube for nwsofa college

NWSOFA Diversity Outreach Working on CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM
Last year, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed bipartisan legislation to address much-needed sentencing and prison reform bill. S. 2123 is a bipartisan bill that represents an important first step toward addressing some of the causes of the racially disparate, unsustainable growth in the federal criminal justice system. It has been five months since the bill was put forward and it is long past time for the full Senate to vote on this important bill. Senate Republicans still have not moved forward on the bill, which has widespread, bipartisan support.
ACTION you can take:
Call your senators and tell them the time is now to support the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act (S. 2123) and to urge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring it to the floor for a vote.
Guidance and sample script language can be found here . We do not have phone bank lists at this time, so any action would be a direct call to your Senators or the Senate Majority Leader’s Office

“Partner June Events”

Current Event Discussion Groups
For those that like Politics
@ Schaumburg Library .. 2nd floor. 
Second Tuesday of every Month (June 14th)
10 am to 12 noon
                                @ Arlington Heights Library (meets at the AH Senior Center)
                                                Every Thursday 10 am to 12 noon

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