Newsletter – Week of November 23rd – November 29th, 2014

“Look What’s Happening this Week in the
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Week of November 23rd – November 29th

Monday, November 24th, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM  
Will it be Government Shutdown?? 
The Voice of Reason???
Discussion Group Engaged in  Conversation at the October Meeting
Discussion Group looking at the  US and Illinois Jobs report
You can be part of the Voice of Reason & Facts
Please Attend
The Fiscal and Economic Issues
Discussion Group Monthly Meeting
Arlington Heights Library, 500 N. Dunton, 2nd floor , Conf Rm “I”, Arlington Heights, IL 6000

Fiscal and Economic Issues Discussion Group Meeting.

Agenda topic for the Month are:


Please Attend the Monthly Fiscal and Economic Issues Discussion Group Meeting.We will have our standard update of the economy, both jobs and GDP. 


We will also continue our discussions of the economic recovery and policy issues that affect the recovery.


Some economic highlights:

       Jobs Recovery
214,000 jobs added in September; 2.6 million in last 12 months
September and August employment revised up by 31,000 jobs
Unemployment rate:
Nationally at 5.8% in October, down 1.3% in the past year trending down from its high of 10.0% in October 2009..  
IL unemployment rate was 6.6% in September, down from 6.7% in August, down from 6.8% in July, and  trending down from its high of 11.4%
GDP growth:
3.5.% in the 3rd quarter and 4.6% in 2nd quarter, up from minus 2.1% in 1st quarter.
Budget Deficits – Historical and Projected

As always this is a discussion group .. bring your articles and your wits to talk about all sides of the issues.


Upcoming December Events 

Obamacare enrollment is back!
The NWSOFA ACA HealthCare Issue Team Announces 
“NWSOFA To Host A Free And Public Forum Featuring Get Covered America / Enroll America And ACA Advocate, Keith Moens To Address The Affordable Care Act And The Open Enrollment Season”
Enroll America / Get Covered America
 Thursday, December 4th
aa Indian Trails Library
355 Schoenbeck Rd
Wheeling, IL
6:30pm – 8:30 pm.
It’s here! The health insurance marketplace is open once again for all Americans looking to get covered.
Enroll America is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization focused on one goal:
maximizing the number of Americans who are enrolled in and retain health coverage.

Enroll’s Presentation will cover:

of the ACA and Heathcare Insurance through the Exchanges
& The Essential benefits that Healthcare .. the ACA brings 
Special Guest Appearance.. Keith Moens whose Interview was on Featured on Meet the Press on Sunday 11/ 16, He will add the HEART & Soul to the ACA Update.. He will tell his real life STORY
Enrolls, Robin Schmidt, IL Field Organizer for Chicago, Northern Cook Co. And Lake Co. ,Get Covered America / Enroll America will talk about the ACA, ACA & Healthcare statistics, who Enroll is as an organization, Enrolls field plan, how we partner with OFA and why partnering benefits us, how Enroll works in our communities, etc.
Christine Ross, former ACA lead of NWSOFA will describe the fight for the ACA and bringing Affordable Healthcare to America and Illinois. A Question and Answer session will follow the ACA Updates. Cards will be provided folks to write out their questions and Chris will field questions that she, Robin and Keith will answer. Antulia Rodriquez will do translating as needed.
Millions of Americans still need to get health insurance-they need to hear about this opportunity right now. So we’re calling in Team Obamacare.Chances are, you know someone who needs to get covered, or someone looking to shop around for a plan that’s right for their family. Make sure they are in attendance.

Make sure everyone in your life knows the health care marketplace is open again for all Americans.

November Events & Issue Information

 Great Night … GVP Issues Team Had it’s Monthly Meeting
November Planning/ Action Meeting.. New Folks .. New Ideas

 Planning & Discussion Group Meeting 


Key Discussion: on Newtown Anniversary Vigils 

 As far as the Newtown vigils, this was the notice Cathy sent around.
6:30 on the evening of Thursday December 11 at the Chicago Temple, National Vigil for Gun Victims sponsored by Citizen’s for Chicago Change, Purpose over Pain and Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, in conjunction with the Newtown Action Alliance.  (They, Newtown group is sponsoring an event in DC at the National Cathedral and at locations across the nation.)


Then Off to The Movies

To See Citizen Koch


 by the Arlington Heights League of Women Voters

According to the NWSOFA attendees “”Citizen Koch” was rather depressing but gives us motivation to do everything we can to get money out of politics.

Climate Change Issue Team Update
The United States and China-the world’s two largest economies-just struck a historic climate deal to fight climate change
The details of this agreement are important: The United States will double the rate at which we reduce dangerous carbon pollution from fossil fuels. China announced that they will halt the growth of emissions by 2030-the first time a date has ever been set-and committed to get 20 percent of their energy from clean sources.If we’re going to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, it’s going to take international action-this agreement is exactly what that looks like.

Despite the overwhelming scientific consensus, and the increased extreme weather that we’re already experiencing, they argue: If China’s not taking action, why should we?

This climate deal the President just struck with China ends that debate.

OFA supporters have been on the front lines, calling for meaningful action. This is a turning point toward meeting the challenge that the science makes clear.

CIR Immigration Reform Team Update
Finally … It’s Real !!!!

Stand With Women Issue Team News
Let’s play a little game of “Did you know?”

Did you know women are the main breadwinners in a record-high 40% of households with children today? They make up nearly half of our workforce and they are more than half of this country’s college graduates.

Did you know, from paid leave to fair pay, today’s workplace policies too often don’t reflect today’s realities? For instance, did you know that lack of access to high-quality, affordable child care and early childhood education threatens the economic security of women and working families?

Unless things change, we are holding our families back and compromising our children’s chances at success. Unless things change, they won’t have a fair shot in life. That’s why we’re speaking up.

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11/24/14 Fiscal Issues Meeting
12/4/14 ACA / Enroll Event
11/20/14 Gun Violence Meeting
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NWSOFA is a whole, diverse wonderful family of people who want to do more than talk about the social issues. We explore and dig deep on the facts and decide what actions we can take that can have an impact locally and nationally. NWSOFA members not only “talk the talk”, but we “walk the walk”.


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Gun Violence Prevention Meeting
November Action.. Images

Downtown HQ OFA Event
November Action.. Images
 With Sara El-Amine, Jon Carson and the Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel

From All of us to All of You


NWSOFA is a whole, diverse wonderful family of people who want to do more than talk about the social issues. We explore and dig deep on the facts and decide what actions we can take that can have an impact locally and nationally. NWSOFA members not only “talk the talk”, but we “walk the walk”.


All our teams have numerous events that will enlighten and inspire you and yes, challenge you to make the effort to make a difference.

We invite you to join us!

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Thank You to our NWSOFA Issue Leads in 2013 !!

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