Restore Our Democracy



Jim McGrath
Ed Spire
NWSOFA Restore our Democracy project kicked off a series of public awareness presentations in March of 2019. To date we have given this presentation on the corrupting influence of unlimited political money on our democracy 10 times and it has been well-received by folks on both sides of the aisle. Going forward, we will continue this effort, seeking additional presentation opportunities, and adding a second-round presentation looking at additional problems in our democracy, perhaps focusing on gerrymandering and the resulting polarization of our politics.
We also are working towards building coalition partners that can enable future legislative action to begin passing local and state legislation towards the end of resolving the problems we see in our democracy. We are already planning on supporting IL Senate bill SB2314,  to prevent state employees and elected officials from working as a lobbyist for 2 years . Further, we are looking to partner initially with Change IL on supporting “Fair Maps” to end gerrymandering in our state, thereby gaining experience and coalition-building for promoting state-level legislation.
Ed Spire & Jim McGrath .. NWSOFA-Indivisible ROD Co-Leads