College Outreach

Team Leaders

Kym Garnett                Rene Gladstone

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the College Outreach Team is to develop a presence at colleges in order to tap into the power of social change through progressive issues about which students are passionate.

Please see our College Outreach Resource page for our podcasts and many, many other resources.


University & College Outreach Team Listening Event Invitation for Young People
and Everyone Who Cares About Young People
We have issues – Do you???

College tuition? College loans? Penalties for not having health insurance? Marijuana laws?
Gun violence on campus? Campus assaults on students? Money in politics?
Students and Parents, we want to hear from you!
The North West Suburbs Organizing for Action University & College Outreach
Team has planned a short listening and planning meeting focusing on the issues
that are important to recent high school graduates and college students. We
want to hear the voices of students and parents on the issues as well as share
information and successes.
Parents, bring your students….Students, bring your parents and get in on the
ground floor of this exciting project. Join us as we learn about and take action on
the issues.

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