All On The Line

We’re on a mission to end gerrymandering and restore fairness to our elections and democracy. Because every American should have an equal say in our government. ~ All On The Line

The focus of this initiative is to:

All On The Line is the newest iteration of what had been Organizing For Action, or OFA.

  • Combat gerrymandering
  • Advocate for redistricting
  • Ensure a complete and fair 2020 Census

These are huge initiatives that, left unaddressed will continue to negatively affect and diminish our One Vote, One Person in America.

  • Did you know that the environmental impact of climate change, industrial waste, and pollution disproportionatelly affects the less affluent, non-white citizens of this country? Example: Flint, Michigan
  • Did you know that more of our black and brown youth are incarcerated vs. whites having committed the same crimes?
  • Did you know that black and brown citizens have a more difficult time exercising their right to vote than white citizens?

These social injustices are the result of years of gerrymandered congressional and local legislative districts.

Our Social Justice Outreach actions are tied to our work with our other issue teams, coalition partners, and the All On The Line national movement.  We all are the benefactors of the actions of All On The Line, by righting the legislative districts and ensuring a fair and complete census.

How can you get involved?

We suggest to begin by viewing the three All On The Line trainings that are available on our website resource page ( ), provided by the national All On The Line training team.

Next, join the All On The Line movement at: for updates as to the national days of action and state specific initiatives.

Third, sign up at for local updates and actions.