NWSOFA Indivisible December 2020 Progressive Newsletter

What's Happened
  NEWSLETTER and CALENDAR DECEMBER 2020  "The politics of grievance" Let's discuss "The politics of grievance". So what is it with President *Rump’s lawsuits and the soon-to-be ex-President's refusal to honor the election results? What is it? It is another example of "The politics of grievance". The “stolen election” claim is just one of many examples of the anti-system politics that have created a level of distrust all across America, and simultaneously re-shaped the political parties over the past few decades. The proof of "the politics of grievance" is never whether or not a statement is true — it can be laughably untrue. The proof is: can it catch political fire. For example the claim that Obama wasn’t born in the US was obviously bogus, but it was successfully used to question…
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